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Daily Updates

Daily Log of Project, Subsistence and Commercial Etc. Activity

     In season short comments on activity in the Tanana, Rapids and Rampart area through word of mouth and observation are sent in with the daily data worksheet updates. Combined these give an idea of the season from ground zero through the eyes of a non objective observer. Often with some sarcasm, always with an agenda, sometimes trying to be professional. Below are the all years daily updates and after an example of one day in 2006.

Get a glimpse of the Upper Yukon salmon run by reading:

   Daily Email Update 2011.pdf

     Daily Email Updates 2010 (PDF)


Example of an Update

  Most camps at Rapids open and ready for kings. 2 king nets in and some subsistence fishwheel effort as of 16th. 
  Video fish wheel project operational as of 16th.
  Lots of Sheefish, Humpies, Broads and some Pike hanging around and being caught in whitefish nets in small eddies but none in wheels. Bering cisco migrating through and being caught in wheels.
  Will have Lower River CPUE and Pilot count run timing comparisons as soon as those projects numbers are released.
 Shutting down for 24 hrs for final tune up and repairs- resume Sunday using normal monitoring hours (9 am – 9 pm).
  Stan Zuray

 Picture - One of many in stream egg incubation box used on Tozitna River in 1970's and early 1980's. Used for 2000 - 8000 eggs at a time and taken out before ice breakup but after eggs hatched. Did not need upwelling gravel water to incubate eggs as it produced its own when faced into current.

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