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      In season, data worksheets from the Rapids video project are sent out daily by e-mail to anyone requesting them. The links below are examples - They are the final ones of the past seasons so the graphs are fairly complete. To request to be on the list use our web site Feedback form. Currently over 250 persons have requested the updates and are on the e-mail list.

tiny Bloater Rapids Short 2008 Worksheet.xls

king salmon t08 Rapids Short 2007 Worksheet.xls

 dolly varden t03 Rapids Short 2006 Worksheet.xls

 tiny Lake Trout Rapids Short 2005 Worksheet.xls (887 KB)

      Additional appreciation goes to USFWS Fairbanks Field Office for supporting the efforts of the Rapids Video Project and the Student Data Collection Project data.

The following sub page has all the years (started in 2005) area comment updates on subsistence activities, fish counts, and student data collections etc.

Daily Updates go_button_light11 All local area comments over the years


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