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Subsistence Fishing

     It means different things to different people and it’s hard to say anything about it that doesn’t somewhat conflict with another user’s definition. What it is should be defined by people who live off the resource not by distant people, using their ethics and ideas of what is or what should be legal as guidelines, and majority rule as their gavel. That lofty statement being made it seems continually depressing to witness the lack of support and apathy towards a honorable, hard working lifestyle often by the very persons charged with it’s protection. S.Z. 

Subsistence Photos from this area
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Strips Kathleen


Crib fish go to town

Crib fish to Tanana

Dog travel food

Edible Chum

End of season snow, Sept

Fish camp garden maiden

Fish camp kids king

Fish camp view

Fish camp

Flower bed

Fly like eagle

Good man

High water in Rapids

High water, Rapids

Hills above Rapids

Hot tub stove

Joe and King

Joe at Racks

Kings for camp

Load of King

Low water fall

Snow at Rapids


Split fish chum

Strips in sun

Time to move to Tanana

Yukon Whitefish

subsistence now

Calm River day

Charlie Robin camp

Dog Salmon camp

Fish Kids

Fish camp barge

Halfdry Randy Kath

Happy as a kid in fish

Hills above Rapids

Hot tub stove

Low water fall

Mother and Daughter on new wheel

Mountain View

Rapids camp old

Smoke house on Yukon

Steve and his boat

Summer and fall chum difference

YRDFA Canadian visitors

YRDFA meeting

YRDFA visitors

Yukon River

Yukon River smoke

beach fish rack

fishing linda1

YRDFA Board Ruby 2006

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