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     The Rapids fishwheel project uses a unique software program called FishTick, a computerized video system that allows project managers to easily estimate fish passage at fish viewing stations at dams and weirs. Through a partnership effort between Salmonsoft, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Rapids Research Center it was customized for fishwheels.

How does FishTick work?

    Fish Tick consists of two components, a video capture program and a video review program.
    The video capture program takes video images of fish passage, either as recorded on site, or from those recorded on video tape or video (AVI) file, and determines whether fish are present. Fish images are stored as a video file on a hard drive, or removable hard drive. Also stored in the video file is information on the frame number and time of fish passage. The user also has the option of recording all video frames, while only reviewing those frames with fish passage. The ability to sub sample by only recording during certain times is also included.
    The video review program allows the user to quickly scan through the video file, using the mouse or keyboard to tally species. The ability to sub sample, by only looking at portions of the file, is also included. Fish counts are stored in an Excel spreadsheet organized by date and time.
    The clip of video captured fish on the Home page was produced by a Salmonsoft video capture program but you are viewing it in a media player instead of Salmonsoft's much more advanced review program. 

Would you like more information?

Contact Salmonsoft if you have any questions or would like more information about them and their services.

You can reach Salmonsoft at:               Visit the Salmonsoft web site at:
Salmonsoft                             www.wecountfish.com
5810 SW Idaho
Portland, OR 97221-1628
Phone: (503) 705-0049
Or e-mail at:

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