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Rapids Research Center

  Rapids Research Center is in the center of Alaska on the Yukon River about 40 miles upriver from the 2012 King Weighvillage of Tanana. It’s in a place called the Rampart Rapids where people have come each summer for countless generations to fish the migrating salmon and whitefish. Today it still supports much fishing for numbers of persons but it has also become a hub for research projects and data collection in recent years. Rapids Research is an accumulation of years of work, and volunteer efforts by many individuals, students and supporting organizations.
 Why the Web Site:  Rapids Research Center often needs a quick way to familiarize others about things going on at Yukon projects and in the local area. The web site is used as a source to point to when researchers, fishermen and agency persons have basic data or operation questions. 
   The objective is also to be an easy way to access data, key pictures, reports and persons relevant to all aspects of fishwheel monitoring and other fisheries data collected in this area. We will also be trying to give some insight (however biased) into local subsistence and commercial fishing which is the reason fish monitoring is so important. Last it is a place to see some fun pictures and videos that hopefully give an idea about what goes on in the Yukon River fishing communities here.

Kath Faith 2010

Web Site Pages
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Rapids Video Project go_button_light seasons data and graphs, fishwheel videos, info.
Yukon River Panel go_button_light
YRP fisheries and community information link and some pictures.
Fish Friendly
go_button_light info, pictures and video on low impact fish wheel design features and operation.
Video go_button_light02 equipment and software used and photos album of it all.
   Salmonsoft go_button_light03 software that runs the video capture system, and their web site and contact info.
   Video Equipment Photo Album go_button_light04
Reports go_button_light05 past reports and ones related to project.
   Rapids Research Center Reports go_button_light06 plus Daum video, Brown sheefish
   Capture Mortality Reports go_button_light07
   Related Project Reports go_button_light08
Rapids tagging  
   Whitefish Reports go_button_light08
All species whitefish data and reports

Data go_button_light10 worksheets and graphs. 
   Daily Updates go_button_light11 A summer of local area comments.
Project History go_button_light12 how it came together and the people. Photos.
Current Issues go_button_light09 Present Yukon River concerns, ICH, Chinook size, Bycatch
   Ichthyophonus Disease go_button_light09 Reports, articles, data
   Chinook Size Decrease go_button_light09 Reports, articles, data
   Customary Trade go_button_light09 Reports, articles, data
   Ocean Bycatch go_button_light09 Reports, articles, data.
   Subsidized Hatcheries go_button_light09 Resolutions, info.
Student Data Project go_button_light13 (ICH, measures, fluke video, etc.).
   Student Data Photo Album go_button_light14
Chum Tagging Project go_button_light14 Rampart Rapids Fall Chum Tagging Project info
   Tagging Photo Album go_button_light14

Fish Links go_button_light15 go to other web sites, articles, documents, etc.
Fishwheels go_button_light16 Lots of pictures of different fish wheel types.
   Fishwheel Photo Album go_button_light17
Subsistence go_button_light18 lifestyle info and photos.
   Fishing go_button_light19
     Fishing Photo Album go_button_light20
   Trapping go_button_light21
     Trapping Photo Album go_button_light22
   Dog Mushing go_button_light23
     Dog Photo Album go_button_light24
   Hunting go_button_light25
Info and pictures

Commercial go_button_light26 info and pictures of area commercial fishing.

Rapids Wheel 2010
To Contact:
   *Use this web sites easy Feedback form to contact or just comment on anything.

In Season Daily Info:
  In season, data worksheets from the Rapids Research Center are sent out daily by e-mail to anyone requesting them. To request to be on the list. click on and use our web site Feedback form)

Below is the most recent finalized, past season’s
data, project reports and opinion papers

New For an alternative look at the problem with our king salmon run
on the Yukon River read:
king salmon t08 The Fall of the Yukon Kings by Dan O’Neill.pdf

Get an idea of the run from ground zero at Rapids -
Click below for the 2013 seasons daily e-mail pictures and comments
(large file - picture album - 9 MB) (up to 8/19/13)
 tiny pink Daily Email Update Album 2013.pdf


Below is the last 2015 e-mail update sent out and contains the final seasons
data and all the finalized Rapids Research salmon run graphs
chum salmon t04 
Rapids Short 2015 Worksheel for email .xls

 Annual report on Yukon River Panel funded fishwheel video project
tiny Atlantic Salmon04 
Rampart Rapids Full Season Video Monitoring 2015 pdf

Data sets of yearly fishwheel video project fish counts from 2000 to 2015 - includes king, chum, sheefish, broad, humpback and cisco.
grayling t 2000 - 2015 Rapids Video Fishwheel Raw Data.xls

 Data sets of yearly king salmon sampling from 2004 to 2013 (weights, lengths, sex and Ichthyophonus disease rate) taken in the subsistence/commercial fishery around the Rampart Rapids
king salmon t08 
2004 - 2013 Rapids Student Data Collection Raw Data.xls

Some Notes

      * Disclaimer: Although some people, projects and agencies are mentioned in the following web site it does not mean they have approved the content or spoken to the accuracy of any data. Also opinions expressed and interpretation of data and graphs made of any projects, on this web site, are the authors only or persons volunteering ideas. It is not paid for or the result of any US / Canada, Federal or State funding from any source. All the graph work and comments are and always has been the author taking public data and entering and interpreting it on his own time for no pay. It is not a request, requirement, or supported by any other entity.

     * Pictures and videos are for whatever use anyone likes. I enjoy seeing them used. Picture quality is reduced for web site use, however I can easily send full quality JPEG's by e-mail to anyone wanting them.

     * Also always looking for good photos and content of Yukon River fishing and other subsistence activities. Especially fish wheel pictures from other areas of the state.

“Rapids Research - We Got the Data”

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